Fraud Warnings
Ark Life is a well known and respected brand. For this reason the ‘Ark Life’ brand name logo are attractive to fraudsters.  In the past they have been used as part of a scam, whereby a fraudster will use some of our registered information to make you think it is us that has contacted you.  These types of financial scams are on the increase.

We don’t offer new products or services and we will rarely initiate contact with you by telephone or email.  If you are a current policyholder, we will only use these methods if we are already corresponding with you about your policy.  These fraudsters have also been known to contact the general public in Ireland and abroad pretending to be employees within the Company.  So you should be suspicious of any offers like these that seem to be from us.  If you are ever in any doubt, tell the caller you will call them back and contact us immediately on the details provided in the section below entitled ‘Reporting security concerns‘.

Common scams
Most scams work by getting you to pay an ‘up front’ fee for a service.  By using a well-known brand the fraudster tries to persuade you that it’s a genuine offer.  Also, the fraudster may ask for your personal or bank account details.  They will then use these to steal your identity or take money from your account.  Some common examples to be aware of are:

  • Loan or mortgage offers – the fraudster asks you pay some kind of upfront fee (such as an arrangement fee, security deposit or insurance premium) or the first instalment of your repayment plan, before you collect the loan
  • Prize draws – you’re told you’ve won a prize draw that you’re certain you never entered.  This may be used as a ploy to get you to part with a sum of cash before you receive your prize, or you may be asked to disclose in full your personal bank account details
  • Calls offering a refund of interest on a loan – calls from a third party claiming to be able to obtain a refund of interest paid on a loan.  The caller would ask you to disclose your bank details so that they can ‘pay the refund to you’
  • ‘Money services’ employment vacancies – these are adverts for ‘jobs’ which require you to use your own personal bank account to transfer money in and out, and offer to pay ‘commission’ for doing so.  These scams are part of a criminal money laundering operation

Remember, if an offer appears to be too good to be true, it usually is – don’t respond to any unsolicited communication which promises money in return for making a payment, or which asks you to provide personal or bank account details.

Our security checks
When you phone us we carry out security checks to make sure it’s really you we are talking to, so your personal details don’t fall into the wrong hands.

However, we’ll never ask you for your full bank details in any security check we make.

Reporting security concerns
Please contact us immediately if you:

  • suspect fraud on your Ark Life
  • are worried that a phone call, letter, text or email that appears to be from us may be fraudulent whether or not you are a policyholder
  • have responded to a suspicious phone call, letter, text or email and are worried your personal details have fallen into the wrong hands, again whether or not you are a policyholder

If you are a policyholder of Ark Life Assurance Company dac, please call us on 0818 364 252 (or on +353 1 704 1244 if calling from outside of ROI). Alternatively, email us at

You can also report details of any suspected fraud to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigations or to your local Garda station.