Frequently Asked Questions about Maturing Policies

We know that making a claim can seem complicated – that’s why we want to be as helpful as possible. When you make a claim we aim to provide a professional service and make sure all payments are made accurately and as quickly as possible.

Four weeks before your policy matures, we will write to you to tell you the maturity date of your policy and anything we need to make payment. We have to make sure we’re paying the right claim, to the right person, for the right policy and so we need to check various documents to prove your entitlement to the policy proceeds. We assure you that the information we ask for is solely for this purpose and is an absolutely necessary part of the process. Ensuring we make correct payments protects both you and the rest of our policyholders.

Whilst we always try to make payments as quickly as possible it sometimes takes time to gather all the information we need. You can help us speed up the process by providing the required information as soon as possible. However, if you are unable to provide any of the required information, please let us know. Once your policy reaches its maturity date we will then process your instruction within 5 working days by cheque.

Q1: When will I receive my claim form?

We will send it to you approximately 4 weeks before the maturity date. If you haven’t received it two weeks before the maturity date, please call us.

Q2: I no longer have the loan or mortgage with the lender that originally had the charge on my policy – what do I do?

If you no longer have a loan or mortgage with the lender, contact them and obtain written confirmation of this, making a specific reference to your policy number. This is often referred to as ‘a letter of no further interest’. Once you have obtained this letter please send it to us as soon as possible.

Q3: What information will you need from me?

As part of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act 2010, we require identification from all customers when a withdrawal is made on a savings and investment product. This is done via a proof of identity and proof of address in order to protect you and your finances. For personal customers we require one of the following from each list.

  • Photo ID (please forward a certified copy of one document from this list*)
    • A current passport
    • A current driver’s licence
    • A current national identity card
  • Address ID (please forward a certified copy of one document from this list*)
    • A utility bill
    • A bank statement
    • A credit card statement
    • A document from the Revenue Commissioners
    • A house or motor insurance certificate
    • A local authority bill
    • A court document
    • A TV Licence renewal form

All address id documents must have been issued within the last 6 months.

If you are not able to provide certified Photo ID, we will accept two uncertified items from The Address ID list in addition to an uncertified copy of in date photo ID. Please note that we cannot accept 2 documents issued by the same Company/Entity.

* Certification of documents

A certified person must confirm that they have seen the original document and must date, sign and stamp each document. Documents can be certified by:

  • AIB Financial Adviser
  • Garda Síochána
  • Practising chartered and certified public accountants
  • Notaries public/ practising solicitors
  • Embassy/ Consular staff
  • Regulated financial or credit institutions representative, and
  • Justice of Peace or Commissioners of Oaths

For Company Owned/Charity/Trustee owned Policies, please contact Ark Life Assurance on 0818 364 252 (or on
+353 1 704 1244 if calling from outside of ROI) to confirm the further documentation required for Anti Money Laundering Purposes.

If you have changed your name since taking out the policy and haven’t already provided us with proof of this, we will ask you to provide evidence of the name change, for example an official copy of your marriage certificate.

Please note that if you are a Non Resident we also require a Non Resident Declaration completed by you and signed by an AIB Branch staff member.

Q4: When do I find out how much I will receive?

We’ll send you a letter within one week following the maturity date, telling you the final policy value. Unfortunately, we’re unable to send you the exact final value details in advance and some unit linked contract values won’t be available to us until the working day following the maturity date.

Q5: When do I receive a payment?

Once all your requirements are received and your policy has reached its maturity date we will then process your instruction within 5 working days by cheque.

Q6: What happens if the proceeds of my maturing policy aren’t enough to cover my loan/mortgage?

If your policy is charged to a bank, we will send the maturity payment to them as long as we receive instructions from them to do so. If the payment amount is different to the outstanding loan or mortgage amount, we expect your lender to contact you.

Q7: I originally took the policy out with a partner but we’re now separated. How does that affect my claim?

If you’re both entitled to the policy proceeds both of you will need to complete the claim form. If you don’t have a joint bank account, on request we will issue two separate cheques for each policyholder and we will split the payment equally.

Need more information? Contact Us

Ark Life Administration
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0818 364 252
+353 1 704 1244 (outside of ROI)