Protection and savings

Main types of Protection we service

Term Assurance – provides life cover only, no savings element and therefore no surrender value is ever built up. It pays a fixed sum in the event of death and can be for a fixed term or for whole of life.

Specified Illness – provides a lump sum in the event of the diagnosis of a pre-defined serious illness.

Income Protection – provides benefits to policyholders who are incapacitated and unable to work due to illness or accident.

Main types of Savings we service

Regular savings – unit linked savings plan into which a policyholder pays a regular premium which purchases units in one or more unit investments funds.

Investment Bonds – a unit-linked bond is a single premium policy, where a one off premium is invested to purchase units in one off or more unit investment funds. Can be for an indefinite or fixed term. In some instances can provide the policyholder with regular income.

Tracker Bonds – these don’t invest directly in individual shares. Instead, their returns are linked to the performance, over a specified period, of one or more specific stock market indices. The terms of each tracker bond will vary.

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Need assistance with your policy?

Life Servicing Support – can help with any queries you have about your protection or savings policy, including:

  • General queries about the policy you have and what options may be available to you
  • Confirming surrender values
  • Policy change requests, i.e. name or address changes, fund switches
  • Changing bank accounts or frequency of payments etc.
  • Arrange collection of outstanding premiums

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