Our Complaints data

Ark Life – Our complaints data

Although we always try to provide a good service to our policyholders, we do occasionally receive complaints.

When we do we use them to help us better understand what our customers think about our products and services and continually look for ways to improve. The table below shows you how we are doing with handling the complaints we receive. This information relates to the volume of complaints received and the time taken to resolve these complaints for Ark Life Assurance Company dac during the period from 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020.

Product TypeNumber of Complaints Received in periodComplaints Closed within 40 business days in periodComplaints Closed within 40 business days in period (%)Closed Complaints upheld by firm in periodClosed Complaints upheld by firm in period (%)
Life Assurance: Unit-Linked Protection1515100%17%
Life Assurance: Non Unit-Linked Protection565295%1019%
Critical Illness Protection44100%00%
PRSAs (including AVC PRSAs)191890%630%
Personal Pensions1314100%321%
Buy Out Bond11100%00%
Other Pensions1515100%213%
Lump sum with capital protection33100%00%
Lump sum with no capital protection2267%00%
Regular Premium Savings5583%117%